Ginger Falcone
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Zeke's younger sister and the second antagonist of the series. In the episode "Bros Go Pro", she uses the boys to make money. She is a bit smart, but constantly looks for ways to torture Zeke, like telling Olivia he likes her and ratting Zeke and Luther out when they hid in "Bros Go Pro", She stresses personal hygiene and having a clean and sanitary surrounding as seen in the episode "Robo-Luth" She's also an accomplished flutist as shown in the episode "Skate Camp".


  • When she gets a behavior chip she usally has a atitude against luther yet not zeke. She will even grow red eyes and say " HERES GINGER!!!!"
  • She and her brother Zeke Falcone usually fight alot and call eachother names like "YOU PIT SNIFFER!!!!!!!" something like that usually!
  • Ginger and Zeke don't act much like brother and sister they act like complete enemies and ginger hates having to go to zeke's room and acting like his mother!
  • On the bright side she always has her best friend poochy by her side. Usually every time ginger finishing saying something poochy repeats it and claps.